Critical consciousness is a practice.

speak up.


understand context.

surround yourself with others who are in practice.

This is the longterm plan for thriving and survival. 



Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter at the New Museum

The Wake Up! Morning Dance Party - Creative Activism

Black Alliance for Just Immigration

“ABC’s of Child Labor” for Child Labor Coalition

“Burning” for One Common Unity

KEEP LOVING: A Universal Love Song | Empty Hands Music | nimo

“ABC’s of Child Labor” for Child Labor Coalition

Campaign video

ABC’s of Child Labor... 15 products touched by child labor and child slavery. How many do you use? Engaging kids tell us about the the wide range of products that 168 million children trapped in child labor produce.

“Washington, DC—The Child Labor Coalition (CLC) is releasing today the “ABC’s of Child Labor,” a short film exploring how widespread child labor is globally and how many products are touched by it. The film, featuring four elementary school children discussing the exploitation of children, is being released in anticipation of Universal Children’s Day this Sunday, November 20. Universal Children’s Day has been recognized by the United Nations since 1954 as a day of ‘worldwide fraternity and understanding between children’ and a day to promote the welfare of children.”

“Burning” for One Common Unity

Directed educational video created for One Common Unity for their partnership with the DC Youth Drug Prevention Initiative. This video was used in conjunction with student led workshops on the issue. 

KEEP LOVING: A Universal Love Song | Empty Hands Music | nimo

Another Empty Hands Music collaboration between Nimo and Magical filmmaker and sister Ellie Walton to create "Keep Loving” - A Universal Love Song. Nimo was inspired to write this song from his experiences living in the Gandhi Ashram in India for the past 5 years.

Directed by Ellie Walton & Tanisha Christie
Produced by Ellie Walton & Tanisha Christie