The poem, the song, the picture, is only water drawn from the well of the people, and it should be given back to them in a cup of beauty so that they may drink - and in drinking understand themselves.

- Frederico Garcia Lorca

My work explores how personal acts are political. My black, feminine, aging body is the vessel through which memories, histories and hegemonic rhetoric/s can be questioned, investigated and dismantled. The goal for those who encounter the artwork is to discover new thoughts, ideas or actions and see the world in its full complexity.

Through blending media, music, movement and dialogue, I strive to make expressionistic, participatory artworks that tap at an audience's emotions first, before the intellect takes hold.

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Bathtub is a multimedia performance installation event of radical intimacy and surrender by inviting an audience to experience a bath with a Black woman.

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The Bag Lady Manifesta

Taja Lindley’s The Bag Lady Manifesta is an immersive, participatory experience filled with striking visuals and dynamic movement.  Audiences are invited to (re)consider what to let go of, and what to remember. 

Directed by Tanisha Christie

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Iona Flies Away


A concert/storytelling/theaterish work in progress.  A story of a girl from a family who becomes a woman because that's what happens.

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Memory Is a Body of Water

MEMORY IS A BODY OF WATER is a dance-theater play for two women and a dancer.

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Aqua Tierra: Ground Water

GROUNDWATER: A LISTENING PROJECT was a series of workshops and collaborative performances created with the objective of instigating a dialogue about the histories of Panama and the United States and the roles of artists in investigating and disseminating themes of memory, history, and politics.

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