I’ve been a featured character in JD Urban’s EVERYDAY PEOPLE PROJECT, a digital conversation with various people that he’s met online over the years.

Now I’m a featured character and am producing behind the scenes.

REVOLUTION IS UNCOMFORTABLE - an online digital documentary series from photographer/filmmaker JD Urban. The series chronicles Urban’s conversations as he engages with people of like and unlike minds across the country about:

Immigration, Civic Responsibility, Personal Responsibility, Intimacy, Racism, Sexuality, Spirituality, Gender Equality, Gun Control, Freedom, Revolution and of course, the Arts.

He’s curious to know: What do they struggle with? What are they fighting for or against? Why do they believe what they believe? Are they willing to understand me? Am I willing to understand them? Is there a middle ground? If so, what does that look like in terms of conversation? How do we get there

The results of these experiences will be continuously posted on Facebook and will be supported with supplemental material intended to ignite digital conversation, which will be filtered back into the project.

Everyday People Project