The joy is finding the narrative within a beautiful series of images.

Brave Girls

On the one hand, BRAVE GIRLS is a universal coming-of-age story of young women falling in love and imagining a life different than that of their parents. On the other, the film is an exploration into the fundamental questions of how societal change occurs: When do we break from traditions? And when is it the better choice to accommodate the social norms of our community?

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Revolution Is Uncomfortable

REVOLUTION IS UNCOMFORTABLE - an online digital documentary series from photographer/filmmaker JD Urban. The series chronicles Urban’s conversations as he engages with people of like and unlike minds across the country.

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Walk With Me

Against the backdrop of moments of historical social change, walk with me is an expressionistic portrait of three women: DC theater-artist rebecca rice, who grew up in chicago during the turbulent '50's & 60's; Lisa Biggs - a dance-theater artist and scholar; and anu yadav, a first generation south asian actor-educator living in washington, DC.

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Flag / Body

Flag/Body is an improvisational artistic happening that is ethnographic and exploratory in nature.