About Tanisha

I work in the fields of arts, education, healing and social justice.

My work is an extended novel, with each client / project / performance another chapter in an evolving story of my growth and contribution. My approach is people-centered and creative.

Whether it’s through teaching, workshop facilitation, clinical social work practice, coaching, writing, speaking or making theater and films, I believe in the liberation of people through their stories.

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Areas of Work

Social Work

My social work practice focuses on relational therapeutic approaches with individual, couples and families. I have an interest in client centered evidence-based practices.

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Social Activism

Critical consciousness is a practice, like yoga or a mastery of anything. It's not just knowing definitions of words, or knowing every news incident or being “woke.”

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I am driven by the fact that being “heard” enables people to acknowledge and embrace the truth about themselves and experience joy within the act of creating.

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Working in theater and performance in a variety of roles provides the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for arts and culture as well as create forums for dialogue about issues critical to our society.

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Upcoming Events

Image: L&J Lubrano Music Antiquarians

Image: L&J Lubrano Music Antiquarians

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 11.45.02 AM.png

Bathtub artifacts in BANG TEMPLE No. 2: Scratch(es)

BANG TEMPLE. It is a powerful thing when people come together around an idea and then share the fruits of that union with others. There is a spirit in this action that is fundamentally embedded in BANG TEMPLE, it is the unknowable made knowable.

Bang Temple Exhibition of Art
An Exploration of Spirit and Origin

October 28 - November 18, 2017
1067 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn NY

Opening: 10/28/2017 (7PM-10PM)



Co-leading a workshop curated by The Millay Colony for the Arts and The Hudson Hall at the Historic Hudson Opera House. 

Entitled "Looking at the Issues" with Delia Mellis, the workshop is designed to examine the subjects of "The Mother of Us All", Gertrude Stein’s opera about Susan B. Anthony and suffragism. A new production of the opera will open Hudson Hall’s 2017 season.


Saturday November 4, 2017|  2:00 - 5:00 pm

The Hudson Area Library

51 N. 5th Street
Hudson, NY 12534





Performing with Viola player Trevor New & Movement Artist Jaimé Dzandu on Friday 11/10/17 during a three-day performance + party in celebration of TARGET MARGIN THEATER’s new space THE DOXSEE in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Featuring new work by Target Margin Theater plus over 40 theater / performance artists.

November 9 – 11 | 7 – 10pm

232 52nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220


Iona Flies Away: A listening party

A concert/storytelling/theater work in progress.  A story of a girl coming into being a woman and the stumbling blocks along the way.

Conceived and written by Tanisha Christie Music by Kelly Erin Sloan

Open Studio Showing 11/18/17 6pm for BAX

The OLD American Can Factory  

232 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215



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