About Tanisha

I work in the fields of cultural sustainability, the arts, healing and social justice.

My work is an extended novel, with each client / project / performance another chapter in an evolving story of my growth and contribution. My approach is people-centered and creative.

Whether it’s through program creation, clinical social work practice, coaching, writing, speaking or making theater and films, I believe in the liberation of people through their stories.

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Areas of Work

Social Work

My social work practice focuses on relational therapeutic approaches with individual, couples and families. I have an interest in client centered evidence-based practices.

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Social Activism

Critical consciousness is a practice, like yoga or a mastery of anything. It's not just knowing definitions of words, or knowing every news incident or being “woke.”

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I am driven by the fact that being “heard” enables people to acknowledge and embrace the truth about themselves and experience joy within the act of creating.

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Working in theater and performance in a variety of roles provides the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for arts and culture as well as create forums for dialogue about issues critical to our society.

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Upcoming Events


Thrilled to announce that BRAVE GIRLS is available for DVD and streaming pre-order on AMAZON!

I am excited to join the 2019 Residency cohort at

Target Margin Theater!

I’ll be experimenting & developing & expanding on new works with Taja Lindley & Nina Angela Mercer.


Old work with myself.

bathtub: Iteration #5


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